Welcome to Cloves Hamare masalo se hi aapke chehre main Muskaan...
Hamare masale, daale khane main jaan !!!
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Welcome to Cloves

Discover Our Story

‘Cloves’ is the name of a spice widely used in Indian and South-Asian cuisines. The name of the restaurant emerged from this Indian spice, keeping in mind the scintillating Indian taste buds, which is forever looking for innovations in food and its presentation. Fusion food is thus a specialty of ‘Cloves’ wherein western cuisine is infused with Indian spices.

Natural ingredients and technology.

Taste the Best World’s Dishes

Our special dishes

Our Chefs Specialities

Healthy Chinese

Singapore noodles isn’t necessarily a dish that originate in Singapore.


Goats’ cheese, roasted aubergine, artichokes, peppers, olives & fresh oregano.

tASTY Sandwich

A hearty blend of tomatoes are, grilled peppers, curly kale. Served with smoked mozzarella bread.

Special Drinks

Cloves chefs create melt-in-your-mouth Special Shakes that will satiate even the fussiest Drinkers.

Our special recognizable dishes.

Fresh and Healthy Master of Town


A beautiful restaurant with a lovely bar and intimate dining area. Food is sensational, exciting, highly innovative, the service is friendly & professional.

Prasham Shah

I have visited this fantastic restaurant on several occasions, Cloves food is absolutely outstanding and the attention to detail is in  league of its own.

Naman Mehta

Cloves is known for its fabulous taste and food. Anywhere you go your hunger is satisfied.

Rajee Sheth